OpenWRT – Upgrade

The upgrade of an OpenWRT seems very difficult but it isn’t when you know what to consider.

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Test Setup

OpenWRT – Overview

OpenWRT – AVM FRITZ!Box 4040 – Upgrade

OpenWRT – Project Site

Download the lastest firmware version for AVM FRITZ!Box 4040 from OpenWRT website:

OpenWRT – Upgrade

1. Create backup

Create a backup of your current configuration.

OpenWRT - Upgrade
OpenWRT – Upgrade

2. Save list of installed software

Create a list of all installed packages on your OpenWRT device.

!!! The upgrade will remove all your installed packages. The configuration files of these packages will be kept

opkg list-installed

The upgrade will install the newest version of OpenWRT. After the successful upgrade process the software packages can be installed manually.

The customized scripts will be kept!

3. Start the upgrade process using LuCi or CLI

In LuCi click on the button Upload archive...

<img src="pics/upgrade/openwrt-backup01.png" width="350">


connect to the OpenWRT via SSH to the CLI.

cd /tmp


sysupgrade /tmp/openwrt-XX.XX.XX-ipq40xx-generic-avm_fritzbox-4040-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

Replace openwrt-XX.XX.XX-ipq40xx by the version number.

After the sysupgradecommand got executed the OpenWRT device will install the new firmware and will do a reboot. This will take some time. It’s time to get a coffee 🙂

After the Upgrade

After the reboot of the OpenWRT device login via the web interface LuCi.

1. Update the software to the latest version

OpenWRT - Upgrade
OpenWRT – Upgrade

2. Upload your lastest backup archive

OpenWRT - Upgrade
OpenWRT – Upgrade

3. Install your software (see software list)

Manually install your software on OpenWRT device. The easiest option is using LuCi web interface.

OpenWRT - Upgrade
OpenWRT – Upgrade

The software applications can also get installed using the opkg manager on the CLI.

opkg install <packagename>

4. Reboot the OpenWRT device

After the installation of the software packages is completed, reboot the device.

Main Configuration Files

When you extract the backup archive you see all relevant configuration scripts in the folder config

  • ddns
  • ddns-opkg
  • dhcp
  • dropbear
  • firewall
  • firewall-opkg
  • luci
  • luci-opkg
  • network
  • rpcd
  • rpcd-opkg
  • system
  • ubootenv
  • ucitrack
  • ucitrack-opkg
  • uhttpd
  • uhttpd-opkg
  • wireless

Files without file ending are your customized configuration for your OpenWRT.

Files ending on *-opkg are standard configuration files by OpenWRT.

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